Tau Te Cyclone – Live update All over India

Tau Te Cyclone – Live update All over India

tau te tufan in india

Tau te Tufan in india:- The biggest cyclone in 2021 Tau te tufan screaming every where in India.
Recently in Rajasthan , Tau te toofan destroyed many shelters and huts in remote areas .
Places like Baswara in Rajasthan , Tau Te Toofan blowed the tin Shelters and roof House’s.

Tau Te Toofan :- In Rajasthan

Thunder +storm+Lightning = Tau te Toofan

In rajasthan cities like:- Jaipur, Jodhpur,Bikaner, Baswara etc, these cities are in high alert .
Wind speed around 50-70 km/hrs has beed announced from Weather Forcast Department.

Tau Te Toofan :- In Maharashtra

In ,Maharashtra ,Tau te toofan starts and approx western side of country :- Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Goa, are in high alert.

tau te toofan in maharashtra, tau te tufaan in rajasthan

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